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This Group is for everyone and anyone. It is the acceptace of All! Don't Spread hate. love can help the world to be a better place
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Aug 7, 2011


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The fight for gay marriage.. by rationalhub The fight for gay marriage.. :iconrationalhub:rationalhub 90 21 Chest Piece by artraged Chest Piece :iconartraged:artraged 2,062 240 Smile at Pain by KountessHuntress Smile at Pain :iconkountesshuntress:KountessHuntress 17 2
Ink From Paper To Wrist
So many broken promises
Lie under the surface of artificial smiles
And if you could just see under her sleeves
You'd see into her heart for miles
One wrist is hectic
One wrist cut straight
The first symbolizes love
The second represents her hate
She misses having a purpose
Even when the purpose was pain
Because now she can't cry anymore
And has no reason to dance in the rain
She swore she'd fight this demon
So she threw the razor away
So now the cuts can't get deeper
And the demons gone for another day.
:iconkountesshuntress:KountessHuntress 23 19
explanations not excuses
i should be talking to you
but i'm sitting in an empty hallway.
my legs shake and my mind
is wrapped in the hum
of fluorescent lights.
i wish i was, know i should be
telling you
how much i've changed.
how hard i'm trying.
how much better i am.
but the spaces between words
make the parts of my life
i don't understand
so much more real.
i want to tell you
how i wake up now
and decide
to keep myself intact,
how i have
reasons to do that
now -
trying, i mean.
i want to put words
to the disconnected wires
from spine to lungs to voice,
nerve impulses only metaphors
for my acid rain brainstorms.
i get tangled
in technical errors
and infinite feedback loops
and forget
the future's not another
metaphor for the past.
i get confused by the unfamiliar.
i get confused by
thinking of this patchwork
or imperfections and tattered inspirations
that compose a life
as making me not a bad person
but just
a person.
so i wear my words threadbare
and when i say how are you
i mean
i care about you
more than i
:iconmissingnumbers:missingnumbers 1 2
Most People Die For Relief. by TomberDansLaPensee Most People Die For Relief. :icontomberdanslapensee:TomberDansLaPensee 38 15
and as her frigid
and as her frigid fingers beckon to me,
a sweet vernal lullaby in the arch
of her neck
and among the shadows in her
I count the glacial atmospheres
dancing over flawless ivory
to be strung as pearls between her
I whisper to her
the number of my days she holds
as ribbons twined around her
she smiles as though she understands,
and I fall
:icontoxic-nebulae:toxic-nebulae 18 25
I want to fill my find a cave...
My solitude...
Call me Ursa, as I hibernate through the winter...
It is not the cold I fear; my coat is thick, for the purpose of warmth.
My prey remains abundant.
It is the darkness...
It sucks away the daylight; my light.
Inside me, there are only embers; each winter they grow cooler.
Their warm glow lessening...kept steady by soft, warm breath.
It's giver fading faster than daylight...
:iconaquafyrefly:aquafyrefly 5 2
Love is... by Bunnis Love is... :iconbunnis:Bunnis 10,921 1,264 love by killerladybugs love :iconkillerladybugs:killerladybugs 4,896 288 Love by PastelPunk Love :iconpastelpunk:PastelPunk 4,689 697 Love by AmazingEllie Love :iconamazingellie:AmazingEllie 8,040 625 Love - by raven529 by love Love - by raven529 :iconlove:love 1,118 191
She sits silently staring into the mirror
Watching the girl on the other side of the glass
A pair of unblinking eyes stare back
Their deep blue color full of joy
She reaches up and unties the ribbon
Letting the wavy brown hair cascade over her shoulders
She lets out a smile
The girl in the mirror replies with a smile of her own
She stares at the girl in the mirror
Taking in her beautiful features
A tear of jealousy falls from her eye
She blinks another away
Her vision blurs as more tears form
And slowly the girl in the mirror becomes more distant
As she wipes away her tears
She looks in the mirror where the nameless girl once sat
The boy that sits there now stares back
Tears rolling down his face
:iconliquidego:LiquidEgo 48 13
oh no. by MichaelMacabre oh no. :iconmichaelmacabre:MichaelMacabre 81 22


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WiserDesign Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist

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inSYNCinSANITY Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Dametora Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2012
Here's an email I have received about the Student Non-Discrimination Act:
“We are all asked to sign a number of petitions each year in relation to various advocacy efforts. This petition for H.R. 998, the “Student Non-Discrimination Act”, is extremely important for the welfare of LGBT youth across America. Please sign and share.

You can also send a note to your United States representative or senator at POPVOX."

I REALLY recommend that everyone send a personal letter via the POPVOX link. You have to sign up with the site but it’s worth it. Especially since most people are opposing this legislation (on the site). Please, please, send a personal letter.

Here’s my letter:

I support H.R. 998: Student Non-Discrimination Act of 2011 because I know the problems bullying can have, especially in regards to the ideas of sexuality and gender.

When I was a young girl, I was constantly mocked for being “too much like a boy” and called a “dyke” and other nasty things, and had no friends because of it. I am bisexual, sure, but I never realized it until my adulthood - I refused to let myself feel towards anybody, especially other girls. I have a hard time connecting with the people around me because of my experiences with bullying, not just because of the attacks on my gender and perceived sexual orientation but also for other reasons. I think it’s time to take a stand on bullying, which is a real problem.

I’ve studied extensively into the fields of Sociology and Psychology. In a textbook, a study was cited where boys were ruthlessly attacked based on “fagginess”, and so in turn the boys would sexually harass and assault the girls to “prove their manhood” and try to stop other boys from bullying them. It’s time to put a stop to this kind of behaviour which teaches our children dangerous things that have a serious impact on society when they reach adulthood.

That’s what I think everyone needs to do in their letter - not just talk about their experience but also the impact on society this sort of crap makes. Talk about suicide and depression rates, talk not only about bullying in students but also in teachers, talk about how people are hurt based on “not acting like they should” even if they are cis and straight, talk about all kinds of bullying, talk about the impact it has on our now cynical and brutal society, talk about things that will appeal to everyone not just the LGBT-sympathetic.
Lovelessbeloved97 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012  Student General Artist
Will do
Question26 Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Can I join to this group? :)
Lovelessbeloved97 Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2012  Student General Artist
Yes of course c:
Question26 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Thaaanks! :D
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